Kansas City Location Coming Soon!!

Comfort of Home Healthcare would like to proudly announce that we will soon have a second location in the Kansas City area.

We are looking for office space right now and we will announce the address when we have it locked in. All details will be ironed out in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!!!

As Comfort of Home Healthcare prides itself on providing quality care to seniors and people with disabilities we are searching for some Direct Care Aids to provide services to our clients we already provide services to in the Gladstone area.

This is where we need your help! Please let anyone you know who might be looking for a position in this field and in the Gladstone/NKC area that we are hiring.

If your not sure what a Direct Care Aid is, here is a video that gives you a little insight of what it is like.

Here is a link to our present job posts on Craigslist for the Gladstone/NKC area.